Thursday, April 12, 2018

Asian Pacific American Verse Beings--Museum of American Poetics. I'm on this list, but not on the Poetry Foundation one, maybe because I haven't written or published much poetry recently, but it's hard to do it all and stay alive. Most poets have teaching jobs. I've been more focused on fiction and non fiction for the last 2 decades, though I occasionally write poems and they;ve been in Poet Lore, first founded by Walt Whitman, and in Foreign Policy in Focus. It's also time to put out 25th anniversary editions of my 2 poetry chapbooks, but again, I am too busy querying agents also. Sent off one query letter and one outline today, for my dissertation to book project, so I can rest now and go eat and read The Twelve, the 2nd volume of Justin Cronin's The Passage. It's certainly not true as my sibling charged, that I think I'm the best writer in the world. In fact, like most writers, I have an inner demon that whips me to do better and more. As John Gardner wrote, "Inside every writer is a man with a whip." Her voice coach said of Nana Mouskouri, "Her sister had the better voice, but she had a greater desire to sing." My doctoral advisor Dr. Hebert Levine, Soviet specialist, said, "You must care deeply about what you are doing. Otherwise you will never finish." At the successful conclusion of my oral defense, he got up from his seat as Chair at the head of the table, walked around, came up to me and shook my hand, "It's all over. Now you are Dr, Kaung." Little did I know it wasn't all over, it had just started. So there to jealous sisters and non-sisters. kmk 4-12-2018