Tuesday, June 12, 2018

How to live without money--decidedly extreme, but you can do in moderation--

https://www.wikihow.com/Live-Without-Money I gave up TV, read used books, donate books, have always cooked my own food, grown vegetables when able, grown fruit trees when/where have land, foraged in woods (NEVER eat wild mushrooms) only eat items you can positively identify. I exchange most plant cuttings with friends, now sell upcycled clothes. It's not easy to do completely without money and even Buddhist monks now have credit cards and probably cell phone and GPS (the walking monk) but they do live entirely on donations. I toyed with idea once, but my Pol. Sci prof scolded me out of it, and anyway, it was just a bout of sibling rivalry, maybe. One still needs a secure warm place to live. But I can do on a lot less than most people and even eat well, for instance by making pate myself and even beef tartare and other gourmet foods like scones and clotted cream. Also I shop very carefully. Good luck, as they say. KMKaung 6-12-2018