Tuesday, June 12, 2018

IKEA home delivery--an article, not an ad.

https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/jun/04/does-home-delivery-from-ikea-mean-we-never-have-to-visit-the-store-ever-again I'd do it. I dislike old furniture with sad stories and I won't last much longer either. My IKEA stuff when I moved to this city has lasted 20+ years, so has my son's except for one wardrobe with corner chewed by teething Saint Bernard, but it's at the back. IKEA furniture is fine for me and even PRAISED by Burmese migrants and refugees. Besides, my home is where I live, not where my furniture lives on top of me, and it's my workshop and sewing place. I still have IKEA chopping block, knife set, some of pot set--cutlery. Nothing wrong with them but don't buy too cheap versions. Oh, and wall mirror. Which made me look thin and now makes me look fat, and some frames but glass very thin. And I remember when I bought them and my first job, when I moved to DC and that god-awful Burmese radio job with a jerk boss. That's what I mean, houses, furniture, clothes, anything, even plants, not all the memories are good ones. Ref. plant I bought from an Indian woman who was being expelled from Burma due to her race. I water that Amazon lily carefully,
It's given me countless beautiful blossoms and I recently rescued it from new-pot-shock due to chance remark from Polyanna Sis. Stay tuned, life is tough, furniture is a material thing. I am all for home delivery. Never drove in America, no car, and now can't, even though technically have a car and a house in another city. It's all water under the bridge, treat it with a bit of salt. What about this mansion? My grandmother's. Entirely looted during World War II. Used by Japanese kempetai (secret service) to torture British spies in. Granny donated it, said to be haunted. Now government school mistress told my friend to take picture "but please don't post it on Facebook." Sweet revenge, this was my grandmother's house, confiscated from Chinese school in 1962 by Burmese junta. Revenge is sweet served cold.
My grandmother's house in Moulmein. KMKaung 6-12-2018