Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Washington DC Memorials, twilight/moonlight tour.

Had a beautiful 2 1/2 hour tour from 6 PM with Eyre Bus, my Village and very knowledgeable and upbeat hop on guide Betty T. We stopped at my favorite Roosevelt Memorial & Martin Luther King Memorial, and started with little known, new Obama-planned memorial for Disabled Veterans which had exceptional design. The rest we drove around seeing, including Iwo Jima Memorial, which I did not even know about before. I recommend highly for DC and non-DC residents. Children over five and seniors will do fine. Much better than driving around oneself. My granddaughter just asked me if DC is where the WH is. Last year she asked if Poland is far away. The other tour I recommend is the Duck Tour on amphibian craft out of Union Station, the Udvar Hazy Space Flight Center for space and plane nuts (which I am not) and many other places, including the Newseum. This is my 3rd trip to MLK memorial this year, and my 3rd trip overall to Roosevelt Memorial, and I am very pleased as I got photos this time (thanks for my new camera)-- the old one was kaput when I went on day cherries were peaking, so--have to try to stay alive till next year. Lilies are out at National Botanical Garden. km 7-11-2018 Kyi May Kaung Words Sounds and Images