Saturday, January 14, 2023

June-Rose Bellamy--a k a Princess Yadana Nat Me of Burma.

Like that other redoubtable Burmese woman who lived mostly overseas, Daw (Ms) Than E-Fend,

I was very privileged to know her.

I met her via email but never in person, when a lawyer at the Foundry Gallery whose wife had taken her cooking class in Florence gave me her address.  That lawyer and I were both artist members of the Foundry Gallery.

Like Aunty Dora, she also never spoke of her private life.

Nevertheless, she was a role model in reinventing herself and her life in exile.

Also,and this is very important I think, she's the only woman who told that eff-ing dictator to eff-off.

I saw her in the chauffeured car driving N to the airport, sitting alone in the backseat, recognizing her by her distinctive hair style, the day she left him for good.

Our Inst of Ecos. bordered on Prome Road, and I was driving myself to work.

I don't remember if it was this time or another time when I pulled to a stop beside the road, and the MI (Military Intel) stuck his head out and shouted at me, "Don't stop, keep driving slowly."

Ah, those times in the mid-1970s.

I also remember this photo above.

She must be cooking Florentine food in the afterlife.

She was a gutsy woman.

Not like the others that he married.  As for him--




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