Monday, January 09, 2023

Widening roads does not fix traffic--video of Katy Freeway.

I always think of U Aye Hlaing when I go further out that way. 
Rice fields w not a single cow/buffalo ,nor even a tractor, nor a human being.  Rice mills, silos, chutes.

2 crops a year, never seen harvest time bc always go in winter, in between farmers raise crawfish in fields, kind of shrimp or prawn.  Red color.   Large scale operations using irrigation.

Very large plots, privately-owned.  Hunting land w deer/wild pigs beyond.   Total TX area=Burma, no mountains, only hills in Austin area. Still see small drilling rigs.

Read James Michener, Texas--novel.

Amazon fulfillment centers (warehouses) where lots of Burmese said to work.

Way off main road--world's?? largest gas station.

Gasoline state.

But freeways better than widened road like Wisconsin Av  where my friend's son got hit by car and died.

Very sad.


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