Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Selling books, wilting on the vine metaphor--

The wilting on the vine metaphor--with respect to selling books.

Tomatoes, for instance, are no longer tomatoes, but are a carefully engineered product produced under factory-like conditions.

Tomatoes on the vine, the most expensive, are grown in greenhouses and the growth rate matches the picking rate.

Think of all the apples, oranges etc in Chin Taung, Burma, that aren't sold as no transport/delivery system to get them to the consumer.

Think about it writers and artists who wish to produce the next super tomato on the vine.

I am just going to say my tomato is a heritage variety grown from seed, each one uniquely colored and different.

I collected the species in old abandoned gardens.
(This was actually the case with the Katy Rose, rediscovered in Katy, TX)

They taste better.