Monday, September 29, 2014

basic monoprint--how to--video

basic monoprint

she used method of placing paper or fabric on the plate.
In workshop I attended artist David Chamberlain had us work in pairs on big plates about 18 x 24 " and had the master print maker place the plate on the paper, with a press.

We could also check the mirror image in a mirror above us.

In any case, SPEED is essential.

D.C. had us clean the plates with thinner between printings and approached it in more of a fine art than a crafts way--

but you can print however you wish.

You can even print your foot print or with a found object, even with a car tire or pieces cut from your flip flops (hnyut hpanatt)--I have done that too--also bottle caps, combs, whatever.

Sometimes I paint directly with the rollers on paper or canvas, and also I like to buy card-sized paper so as not to waste paint.

I use these for thank you notes to close colleagues or acquaintances who have gone the extra mile for me.

Try it.

You will forget all your worries, and you will "make your mark" on something beautiful that will last.


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