Saturday, September 20, 2014

Praise for my novella Black Rice --

Cut and paste from email with permission--

Dear Ma Ma Kyi May,

Get back the novella 'Black Rice' from my Sis-in-law, this morning. I
went through it and so I am pleased to drop in my comment.

The novella 'Black Rice', fills my mind at least about the events that
went in the late 1940s in our country.

It gives a glimpse of the atmosphere of the country's politics. I can
sense the dwelling resentment in the minds of losers, the ethnics.

My thoughts also soldier on whats and whys about conflicts, fighting
that should be ceased by now.

The Question - Did a prayer ever stop a bullet? is so heartrending,
because... the answer's blowing in the wind...

I love the title given as 'Black Rice', and more so on the meaning of
it. You give a touch upon the harsh life of a soldier, life like that
of Sa Sao, Black Rice; and a feeling of K that illustrates the
compassion we all have as a human being.

I love it and I will go reading it again.

My warm Congratulations too!

Regards, kpo

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