Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Why it was "so easy" to write my novel Wolf--

It just occurred to me just now as I was setting out my own dinner, to take a photo.
In the past, just as they had in my novel against the protagonist Mothi Awegoke, people have tried to attack me, stab me front and back, push me off cliffs and try to shut me down for good.

Maybe that was why it was so "easy" to step into his shoes and write my novel Wolf.

It is also partly based on what happened to Chinese democracy activist Wuer Kai Shi of Tiananmen fame--

essentially he was bad mouthed by the media for taking ONE boom box to use himself!

That the hero of my novel endured and I have endured, is in no small measure due to people who helped.

Thank you.

I'm in the last stages of proof reading.

Look forward.


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