Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New books to read--

Oopsy daisy--good shot!

I just bought Neil Gaiman's The Ocean at the end of the Lane, and did not buy the Selasi book, Ghana must Go.


How did I do it?

By browsing the bookstore and reading the first few pages.

I also dipped around in Kurt Vonnegut's Collected Letters--the voice is incredible, and it was not expensive, only abt $6 for a hardcover--however, I bought 2 other books and I have been eating out a lot this month, and so--

But I read as much of the Letters as I could--Enough to absorb that compassionate, angry and frank and honest voice.

The editor of the book must have collected all these letters, as legally letters belong to the recipient.

So it goes.  :)

Vonnegut started talking and writing about the fire bombing of Dresden by the Allies, in which 250,00 died "but not me" as soon as he got back to the USA, and was one of the earliest instructors at Iowa Writing Program.


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