Thursday, April 23, 2015

K.M.Kaung: My review of the movie Foxcatcher--

I went to see the wrestling movie Foxcatcher Farm
about the 1988 murder of wrestling coach Dave Schultz by Dupont heir John E. Dupont. 

5 out of 5 stars but super depressing.

I lived in Philadelphia at the time, but I must have missed this high profile murder case as 1988 was the start of many troubles for me, including my whole head of hair going white.
In any case, it is a very good movie.
I got interested in it as my friends who live in the area drove through Liseter Estates, a new devt in DE (everyone knows the Dupont family owns the whole state of DE), last summer.  In the large development, million dollar homes are stacked on top of each other, and there is only one large house on the other side of the road from the development.

It is a new house, not the original mansion.

The landscape in the movie looks just the way it is.

In 1980s clothes and styles of course.

The acting, story etc. all very good, with a lot of homosexual overtones, which the surviving brother has publicly objected to.

I think it became possible to film this movie, though I don't know who owned the rights, bc Dupont died in prison in 2010.

It's a good movie, esp. the very scary wrestling scenes.

Why did I go to see it?

In the back of my mind is a story about women's wrestling, that is all I will say now, and also I am always interested in how real stories are filmed or staged.

I don't know how the actor who played Mark Schultz changed his body from top athlete to cocaine addict--

and then shaped up again after a crash program from his brother.

In all, it's a movie abt how the stinking rich think they can buy anything and get away with anything--

but it does say something for the US justice system that the murderer was arrested, was sentenced and was imprisoned and Mrs. Schultz (I won't say which one as there is a twist, which in fact I anticipated, in the end)--

anyway the Schultz heirs received a substantial wrongful death payment, which they should have.

You can't go and shoot someone point blank like that.

This movie should be seen in Burma--even in pirated form.

Because B is now going the way of money money money, right?


PS. for how the movie differs from real life, read the wiki link I have provided.  For one thing Mark Schultz was married during the time he was funded

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