Monday, April 06, 2015

Poem--Helluva way to make modern crushed sculpture by KM kaung

Helluva way to make modern crushed sculpture.

1.  Recruit poor young men.
2.  Train them.
3.  Tell them they will die a martyr's death and go straight to heaven, with x number of virgins in attendance.
4.  Promise pensions to their mothers.
5.  Buy box cutters.
6.  Execute the plan.

--you will now have lots of crushed beams and other survivor building components.

We all know the 9/11 photos were sanitized, censored or "edited".

I have had a lot of experience with in- house Burmese editors.

The taxi drivers mentioned strewn body parts.

Among the parts there would be a lot of blood and heads, no??

So what if survivor parts and stories were collected say from The Daisy Cutter?

Drone attacks?

Museum for that?  Those?

I don't know the answers any more.

I model this poem on Rumi's and Faiz Ahmad Faiz's.

I don't know the answers.

You figure it out.

You tell me.

You tell me.

Copyright KMKaung

Photos Copyright 9/11 Memorial Museum, NY City and KM Kaung--we were allowed to take photos without flash for educational use only.  So pl use for educational use only.  Thanks--KMKaung

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