Monday, April 27, 2015

My short story collection No Crib for a Bed, is at Politics and Prose Bookstore in Washington DC

My short story collection No Crib for a Bed by K.Kaung, is at Politics and Prose Bookstore on Connecticut Av. in Washington, DC.
It is shelved near the Opus book machine by the big window on a small shelf--

with the spine out, but I am concerned as the print on my spine is small.

Pl ask the young man who sits at the computer close by.

If you are at the Tacoma Branch, ask for the book, and they said they will bring it from their flagship store.

The title story first appeared in Gravity Dancers, DC Women Writers, edited by Richard Peabody.

Thank you all for your support.

BTW, the Anthony Doer Pulitzer Prize winning novel is out of stock, but they will take your order.

I read the beginning, and as in The Shell Collector, the writing is elegant and unforgettable.

I still have some stories left to read in The Shell Collector.

I like them so much I am saving for a special treat.

Today I read 2 autographed children's books, both by my favorite authors.

I bought both, as I also have bought their earlier books for my special people.

I am their primary book buyer.

The books are just gorgeous.