Sunday, May 24, 2015

Caillabotte--French Impressionist and patron of others--by Kyi May Kaung

As you might expect, I am having one swell time before I lose my eyesight.

Since 2012, when I finally got to the Art Inst of Chicago, I decided it is time to look at ONLY originals, as the reproductions are so FLAT.

So, I find I really like Caillabotte.

I don't know why he is not more famous.

In the past, all I knew from reproductions, was his painting of fruit.  It is said he just bought the fruit and then painted them, and since then when I buy fruit and vegetables, I take photos when I get home.

In 2012 at Art Inst of Chicago, I saw his large "Umbrella" painting--look in the link for images.

At VA Museum of Fine Art I saw those yellow roses in a jug.

I also like

man taking a bath (about to take a bath)

floor scrapers

man at the window



And I like the self portrait.

I am glad he had money and appreciated art, and could help other painters, but he did not buy any of van Gogh's works, and I feel a bit sore about that. Nor did he buy Gauguin's work.

The wiki article says he stopped showing his work at age 34 and died at 45.

It must be because he felt the others were better painters, and about that, I agree with him.

He was very accomplished but maybe without the fire in the belly and fire in the belly is necessary.

Art should not be just accomplished or realistic or pretty.

That's what I believe.

from memoir On Life and Art.

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