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More recovered from "memory bank" when Bright Sun Shone on Us. c. 1979-1982

More recovered from “memory bank” when Bright Sun shone on us—c.  1979-1982
(FB post 5-12-2015)
U Ne Win had a long discussion with an historian lady.

When U  Win (geographer) scuttled down shortly after UNW stepped in, U NW or the historian lady (not Daw NNM) went on stage and did a presentation.

I don't know if this woman was the same one who during a previous confrontation had a long argument with a top cadre Robert?? about "well, will we have 2 histories then, one for the Party, and one for everyone else?"

In this one in upstairs Theatre, it was some presentation on the Chinese and Bagan.

UNW seemed to like that the Burmese envoys then got off by saying "Please let us go home and plant rice."  This was in 11th century?

It could not have been in the 13th when Bagan already fallen to Mongols, so then why ask for time to grow tribute?

And I don't think anyone in Burma differentiates Mongol or Yunnan and Chinese--all are called tayok.

UNW when he was pleased or in speeches liked to repeat the same thing over and over, ad infinitum and ad nauseum, bc

1.  he always had the floor

2.  no one wld ever ask him to stop--

Once in USA, my eyes were popping out when Barbara Walters wagged her finger at Presdt Reagan during a Presidential Debate on TV, and said, "Mr. Presdt.  You have exceeded your time again."

This was after 1988 in Burma.  I thought then that if it had been in Burma, B. W. would have been called off the stage, killed or arrested and her teeth knocked out.

This had already happened to Zarganar "Tweezers" in Burma.

At a meeting or radio talk?  maybe it was when he came to the Convocation Hall or to the Arts and Science buildings on Univ of Rangoon (already renamed by then but I always use the old names)

he repeated over and over again that "research" meant going over and over to find something.

He would not have played well with my grandmother who had no patience.

Essentially, it was a definition, and in our Ecos lectures by our profs at IER, a defn was dispensed with in 5 minutes at the beginning of the lecture.

I kept listening for what else UNW would say, but he just kept saying the same thing, for about 90 minutes.

 This photo, monk in Phatsanuloke, Thailand--

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Univ tuck shop at Chiangmai U.  Staff sits behind the yazamat screen, like royalty used to in Burma.  Photo KMKaung
Photo in file Chiangmai 2010

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