Saturday, July 11, 2015

Fine art is hard work--nothing serious just a thought by KMKaung

 My art studio--Photo by KMKaung

I am starting a new column called--Nothing Serious, Just a Thought.

For today--7-11-2015

If you think fine art is genteel and easy, take a look at the schedule of one successful artist--

1.  make the art
2.  Get it framed
3.  send in samples or slides to juried art shows
4.  Drive around in a truck
5.  Set up, take down, keep track of the money.

It involves a lot of back-breaking labor, and you have to consistently produce brilliant and original work.

Therefore never bargain for a piece of art--

you love it or you hate it

you take it or you leave it

you can live without it or you can't

it is like falling in love.