Friday, July 31, 2015

Reading final proofs of my novel Wolf, about a 1988 Student Leader from Burma--

about a fictional 1988 student leader, born in the rainiest month of the year August, and so named Awegoke.

For some leading literary agents, they say they do not take a ms unless it grabs them and makes them cry 4 times.

I have cried about 4 times already reading Wolf, and though I did write it, beginning in 2004, in the interim when I have to do other things or my book developer is working on it

I tend to forget each scene or each sentence, and so when I read it again

it appears new and I cry again.

I am at about page 300+ out of a total of 400+ pages, and I do not know what will happen to the hero yet.

Nor to the women in his life.

P.S.  I have 2 covers, so can use one on the Burmese or Asian edition--The final cover is different and has more subdued colors and also has a woman on the cover (models from free images, found by the cover designer, not by me).  I like them both, one is more geared to Western taste, that is all, and I thought it wise to follow my book developer's ideas.