Monday, July 13, 2015

Let it Fly with the Flowers: Essays about the Institute of Economics, Rangoon, Burma --edited by KMKaung

Photos Copyright Anonymous, used with permission.

You can now buy Let it Fly with the Flowers:  Essays about the Institute of Economics, Rangoon, edited by me Kyi May Kaung​

--here--in 2 forms with 2 different covers--

See and realize that it is not a lack of first class educated minds that is holding that country back.

The contributors are, in order of appearance--

Daw Khin Khin Thein, with a Masters in Economics, from the London School of Economics,

Dr. Khin Saw Nyein, with a doctorate in Ecos. from Moscow Univ.

U Hla Phyu Chit, with a Masters from Rangoon Univ.

Daw Myo Nwe, who held many high domestic and international posts,

Daw Sintheingie, with a BA General Honors from Rangoon University,

Daw Yee May Kaung, with a BA in Commerce and also trained in Japan,

Daw Thynn Thynn Wynn, MA from Rangoon University--
Daw Khin Pwint Oo,
MA from Rangoon Univ + trained with an Australian degree also

Dr. Myo Nyunt with a Ph.D. from Univ of Wisconsin, Madison

and Dr. Kyi May Kaung (editor), with a doctorate from the Univ. of Pennsylvania in Political Economy.

This book does not go into the economics of contemporary Burma and some of its most dismal failures, as it is intended as a tribute to our brilliant Mentors, but you can easily read between the lines.

For a fictional treatment of the dismal Burmese economy, wait for my novel Wolf, now in the final stages of publication.