Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Interesting blog statistics, from KMKaung (Kyi May Kaung)

Some interesting blog statistics.

Of course I write the majority of my output in English, but I do have a bare bones blog in Burmese where I do not post much.

However, the distribution of the blog hits is quite different.

I am talking abt the distribution, not the total # of hits, wh of course is much much larger in English.

In English, top 2 places are France and USA and then many countries in Europe, Burma about #7 or 8 always among the top 10.

In Burmese, top 2 places are USA and Burma.

So what does that tell me.

Should I write in Burmese?

I don't think so.

So anyone asks me why I don't write in Burmese or why don't I write in Burmese, I am afraid this is the answer I will give you.

Unless you undertake to buy the Burmese translation rights from me and publish in Burma in Burmese.

This will be my last word on the matter, I am afraid.

There is just too much to do with the typing and making the font compatible and opening files.

I have a few projects to which I have committed already, and therefore I will try and finish those, but otherwise--


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