Wednesday, March 30, 2016

My Facebook ad for my novella The Rider of Crocodiles has started to run--

My FB ad for my novella Rider of Crocodiles--

so far so good, but I do not know how much actual sales it will generate yet.

I've designed it so that it is for a fixed total amount which means ad is billed until x amount is reached.

Then ad stops running.

So far it has been on one day.

There were 107 hits on my Rider of Crocodiles Amazon page.

I have done it this way rather than through my website, as one click is only one click, and so I decided to do my ads book by book, direct to the book sales site.

Then I am billed bit by bit.

It is still a lot more sales site hits than I suppose I was getting, though there was no counter before.

Of course it needs to generate more than x amount in direct sales.

How to sell what you make.

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