Monday, July 24, 2017

CNN: Kushner holdings, 2 impt items added after Shaub, Ethics defender resigned--and DJT appointed more junior ethics official, instead of 2nd in line--Nothing unusual with this, T's usual modus operandi, as not selecting Andrew McCabe as FBI dr, but appointing Wray to replace James Comey.

At Hearing, McCabe shrugged and said, in response to Q is FBI rank and file disliked Comey, that in fact opposite was true, and DJT must have noted that. "> This saga is by no means played out yet. There is always a back and forth zig zag going on-- Mueller/media finds out more, Trump Circus admits a bit, Hearings, Mueller/media finds out more. But if you notice, by his own admission months ago, WH is under seige. New T. lawyer John Dowd talked to MCNBC producer about statute of limitations, so has T committed financial crimes, Rachel Maddow asked on Friday. Trump camp is increasingly tying itself in knots. If I were Kushner, I might turn state's evidence at this point and throw old father in law under the bus, but he would risk divorce fr Buvanka, but w/o the father, what wld the daughter be? Maybe some of millions will be left. Looks very very bad if you ask me, and T is starting to look haggard, as well he might. 7-24-2017

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