Saturday, May 31, 2014

My article and dialog/monolog With or Without Womb, in Asian Fortune Magazine --

My article With or Without Womb (there is also a script in the form of a monolog or dialog)--published in Asian Fortune Magazine--
with poet ko ko thett, I read the monolog/dialog on stage in Helsinki in 2008.

Thank you again and again, "Hla Ohn Mae"--for telling me your story.

The script is in the form of a reporter (male or female) asking the woman questions, and she answering. 

It is one of two monologs I have written.  The other one is autobiographical and is based on memories spurred by my old clothes that no longer fit, as Jefferson said of old outdated institutions.  This one was filmed by Franny Soans in the 90s, and I did two experimental readings at The Studio Theatre in Annenberg Center in Philadelphia.
Thank you Franny.