Thursday, May 15, 2014

What I think ref. Burma Bubble--

Burma Bubble--
Colliers Man--see DVB interview said

--he says there is no bubble to burst as no bank financing—maybe no bubble to burst in western sense.  He thinks Burmese land prices will even out over 10-20 years.  He thinks the rich landowners are asking outrageous prices depending on what they think they will get.

Know what I think?  I think there is a Bubble and it will burst.

How and when?

Right before or immediately after the 2015 "election" whichever month that is. 

Since 2012, one Burma visitor says prices, not just land, food, everything, has increased 150%

This is ALL fueled by the expectation that there will be change and it's all going to be hunky dory.

But the military regime is already doing its time tested best at shooting itself in the foot.

1.  genocide grade mistreatment of Rohingya--2  amped up war with Kachin--3.  amped up land grabs.

4.  Presdt Obama just again extended sanctions.

5.  One white skinned DVB correspondent has been deported, a brown skinned one sentenced to 12 years in jail.

6.  I got the inside scoop since about 6 months ago that "advising the Bur Presdt" has not been going well and now "rats are leaving the sinking ship."

Let's see shall we, who will be right.

I hate to say, I told you so.