Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tiny house presumptions and assumptions--

TINY HOUSE--presumptions or assumptions

1. You have a rich father in law on whose land you can park.

2. You live in a market system where you don't have to store and save anything like empty containers.

3. You live in a warm climate.

4. You live in a country where the land owner can evict you anytime.

5. You don't live in Birama.

6. You don't have children and just got married.

7. You are not claustrophobic.

8. You have no need to set down roots.

9. You can live anywhere.

10. You don't cook spicy food, have a stuffed nose and can do stepladders and don't mind sleeping above a stove, where your head hits the ceiling.

I don't know how comfortable these are and whether they will be cold in winter and hot in summer, and how stable they are on the road.

And right now they are not exactly cheap.

So well--

to everyone their dream.

But I can live in 750 sq feet and have for about 2 decades--but it needs to be in a good area with low crime and a good public transport system.