Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Flash fiction--Dream Nightmare of Christmas Eve, by Kyi May Kaung

Had to get up early so went to bed early.  Kept waking up every hour.  No matter, finally fell asleep and found bedside clock one hour fast.  Will have to fix that, cannot wait for fall back to correct itself.

--Dream nightmare.

With 2 other Ph.D.s, one a cultural anthropologist, I am on someone, Daryls committee.

He is making quite a good presentation, but as the others are his real committee members and I am only a guest, I watch to see what they think.

Finally, the congratulate him and sign off on a paper napkin, only their first names.

So I sign too.

They hand me a bad pen, so I had to resign my name twice over the same words, with my own better pen.

I said, I hope that will be OK.  If not let me know.

I go to the rest room, but it is a real mess.

Someone is cleaning it, and the door does not close.

Someone has laid nice men's longyis with special weaves on the floor, and I feel bad to step on them.

Finally, I get my business done and step out.

In the meantime Dot and His have arrived, Dot all gussied up, for the second part of the event.

She stares at me as she probably thinks I did not get my Ph.D., but she is mixing me up with the other woman who died.

LB is singing in the choir.

Father says, The singing is quite good, but raise your voice a little, OK?

So, LB sings louder, Wheel on the bus goes round and round.

I join in People on the bus go round and round.

Mom, Terryl says, It's People on the bus go up and down.

No Matter, I say, same thing.

Singing much louder, LB works his way to the top of the line, where the professionals are all singing with hand puppets in their hands.

I tell him, That was pretty good.

He says, But while we were singing, 5 more of my group have been Culled?


Didn't you know? he asks, They are culling the First Born on Christmas Eve.

Copyight KMKaung