Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Bullying in schools leads to abuse in the workplace--by Kyi May Kaung

Now up 2 hours too early, so thought I would blog 15 minutes.
When looking back to my school days and youth--quite a bit of bullying even in the best school in Rangoon.
A son of an official in the office at --, let's just call him Percy, recently apologized to me that he was sorry for the bad experiences I had had in school, but these are based on "work atmosphere" or corporate culture and I think the principal, rather than the office staff, was more responsible for this.
The principal then lived in a swanky penthouse apartment with a swimming pool on top of the school.  I cld not even run up a short flight of 8 steps to smell some gardenias in a lobby--the Burmese teacher called me down.
It is no wonder that intellectuals like George Orwell, hate both school and Burma--and so do I.
And in my adult life, I have only really worked in 3 places, all non-profits.

1.  Inst of Ecos Rangoon
2.  Radio from hell, DC.
3.  Exile Govt DC--

Now my theory--the CEO sets the tone--

1.  The time of Dr Aye Hlaing and Dr Findlay, as an office worked told me c, 1979, was much different from the later years, under--a.  a sex fearful person, b. a womanizer, c. a regionally biased person--3 people not one.

2.  Radio from hell--jerk boss regularly verbally abused people, including making fun of Daw Suu, making dissidents from the burma-thai border wait for him --"Tell them I am at lunch, tell them I am drinking water" and he has the temerity to write that he is a popular blogger in Burma, under such and such a name, and SA magazine published this piece??? Hell, he was fired due to his trick Q, and his orgn coughed up 300 thou as he was such a great manager.
During the abuse I suffered there, he said, "but then I would be accused of being a bad manager."

In school, same one jerk and I went to at roughly the same time, children of rich parents and diplomats flaunted around in the corridors and made fun of children wearing home made clothes (like me).

A few months ago, Marie, whose daughter went to Lycee in DC (French School) said she suffered too as "her mother was not French"--I'll have to ask my other friend, who is not French either, but sent her son to Lycee as the father is also French, but the 2 French men are radically unlike each other.  The second is an art couple who met on a farm in the South.  My friend described how they helped her father help a cow give birth, with a chain, as on the vet TV programs.

3. was much different from 1, largely due to PM in Exile, who treated, as I saw, everyone with courtesy, esp. the resident lesbian.

A far cry from Jerk.

I will overlook some cases of "pushing someone out" using resident attack dog, but Exile Govt is no longer operational, and one pushed out definitely turned his coat, to great personal profit, allegedly involving a 6 figure annual income in USDs and ten acres of land.

And as for the "culture" of the bur junt army

let's not talk about it in the morning, at noon or at night.

It involves racism, sexism, extreme nationalism, regional and religious bias, persecution, silent genocide etc--rape as a weapon of war.

I made up none of these terms, they are in many official reports.

So, you think about it, who sing "change, reform"

The musician has also disappeared.

I wanted her to set my play to music, as an opera, rock or otherwise.  I now think she does not know how to compose an opera.

She was so glib, she got me to get my play translated at some expense, and then to ask i. a dancer whom she said, may or may not be able to act.

I think it was all a waste of time and money.

I asked a movie director in Rangoon, he was too afraid to tackle this magnificent play, because he feared "the political overtones"

So my play goes back to sitting on the floor for the next x years.

That's why I am going to publish everything in English.

I have been reading of Hemingway's time in Cuba and struggles with Time/Life editors in last years of his life.

The article which became a book The Dangerous Summer, grew to book length (read this, it is magnificent too)--As both star matadors did not die in this deadly summer marathon of bullfights across Spain, AE Hotchner the biographer called H's 4th son, writes that Life lost interest, and a new deal had to be negotiated as a book.  Both matadors got gored, seriously but not fatally, and the reigning champion just slid from prominence, did not die dramatically.

$100,000 in 1960, but in my view he deserved every penny, as opposed to the pay of bur junt special advisers post 2011 or 2012--Who is paying them, the Western govts + the bur gov??

And the subject matter of one of them was supposed to be "corruption."  No wonder the tome could not be written.


That's all, and this is my 15 minutes for today.

You think about it, that's your job, I have already done so.

Coming up for Air.