Saturday, January 14, 2017

Beautiful movie version of La Boheme, opera by Puccini, directed by Franco Zeferelli.

I have never seen Mirella Freni before and this confirms her well-deserved fame.

Altogether, an exquisite production.

I wish my father could have been alive to enjoy this.  In his life, which ended in the 1950s abruptly, he hardly had time to enjoy all the arts he loved so much.

I am glad I learned to appreciate opera from my friend Scallion Shoot, and watching Pavarotti Plus on TV, where he directed many of the scenes here with his Masters level "students."

It is all as I remember it.

When Mimi is dying and she calls out to Rudolfo's friends, "Shauna, Marcello,"

Here Zeferelli has added touches such as the other, compassionate side of the strega (witch)--sexy Muzetta--

only one small word missing, when Marcello also shouts at her "vipre" (viper) in the snow scene outside the gates of Paris.

All due to the genius of Giacomo Puccini.


KM Kaung

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