Sunday, January 15, 2017

Blog hits on this blog just passed all time high in 10 years of 600 per day from USA alone

now 700 per day.

Total blog hits -- 1200 to 1400+ per day.

Blog hits from France ten times those from USA.

Rest from Croatia (yes) and other European countries to India (in top ten)

None from Burma now.

None from Russia now, except for ONLY 2 DAYS! in past 10+ years (last 3 years) in which there was a sudden up
shoot in blog hits from Russia, and then fell off completely.  I suspect Russian FSB hackers.  Then they moved off.  Genuine blog readers would not do this.

I am keeping it as a political blog with only occasional arts and crafts blogs.


Eagle sculpture in Brookgreen Gardens, SC.

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