Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Important special post--President Obama in last Presidential news conference--

sends love and prayers to the Bushes, and lauds the free press and asks they continue with their tenacity.

What a contrast from the red clown and his court of jesters.

BTW, the incoming has sworn to get the press corps "out of the White House" and today criticized US funding of UN, and Obama's shortening of Chelsea Manning sentence.

We wait with trepidation of what "the post fact era" will bring.

Roses in sun in a very liberal city library.  Photo, KMKaung.
BTW, blog hits here just topped 2000+ (never done this before) today, and the day officially ends on Blogspot statistics at only 9 PM, so I must be doing the right thing.

Thank you all for your Support and thanks to the Obama Administration for  a a good 8 years.

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