Sunday, January 15, 2017

Markups for DC travel for inauguration--

ha ha

I live there, but ain't going, not even opening a TV I don't have.  Will lie on my futon and read an historical novel featuring non-whites.

Good luck! As people say when you don't have a chance.

I just told off the building receptionist.

"Don't you good luck me, --" because I asked her to do a simple thing--see the postman when he comes and fish out an envelope which I dropped in with no stamp, with a crossed check in it for some maintenance work.

I do wonder if there are migrants, African-Americans and others working in trump buildings--there must be.

Anyone notice that the former Miss Hungary he liked (who declined his offer, saying he was not her type) was "his type" as seen by his 3 wives--all from En Europe.

So if they did it, it must have been more than easy for Russn FSB to set him up with a honey trap.

It's beginning to sound like a really bad novel or like DSK case with the maid.

Good luck!


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