Wednesday, January 18, 2017

meet new moth--neopalpa donaldtrumpii

The moth can be found in Southern California and Mexico, Nazari wrote. Specifically he mentioned the Algodones Dunes in Southern California, and wrote that “fragile dune habitats like these are often threatened by passersby or by dune-buggy enthusiasts.”
The president-elect's transition team did not immediately respond to an email Tuesday requesting a comment about the moth.
Nazari is Canadian, he wrote in the email, describing his opinion of the incoming president as “inconsequential.”
“But he will be the next president of the United States and I wish him success in his job because if he succeeds, The United States succeeds,” he wrote.
Additionally, Nazari said that he also hopes his N. donaldtrumpi paper will help spark some interest with younger people, who might want to consider entomology as a career.
“Insects are among the largest groups of animals on this planet but the number of people studying them are vanishingly small. The world of insects is fascinating and there is a lot to discover, as evident by this new species from California,” he wrote. “For a point of fact, as of yet we do not know anything about what Neopalpa donaldtrumpi does for a living: We do not know its host plant, its larval or pupal stages etc. this is something for the next generation of young scientists to discover.”
There are several creatures named for President Obama, including a species of fish that was discovered in Hawaii, lichen, and a lizard, which is extinct.

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Like any insect-brain moth, this one will burn when it gets too close to the flame. Just like insect-brain Trump will do at some point in his presidency. Counting the minutes.

Incredible! Does it have small 'feelers'..??

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