Thursday, January 19, 2017

This milque toast article may be the result of trump chain tightening--

It is going to get interesting when Obama, Invanka and Jeff Bezos (owner of Washington Post and Amazon founder, who has bought the Textile Museum) will all be living close to each other, in the tony Kalarama section of DC near Dupont Circle.

Incidentally, the Burmese embassy and military attache are next door to the former Textile Museum (and Woodrow Wilson House)

on 2300 California and S Streets.

Perfect setting for fiction.

I know the area well as from 1988, I had to go there while being harassed by the Burmese embassy, and in later years went there with Groups to demonstrate in front of the Burmese embassy.

Poetry reading in front of Burmese Embassy, 2012, with Sarah Browning of DC Poets Against the War.


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