Friday, July 07, 2017

Special post 7th July--why does Daw Aung San Suu Kyi keep saying "law & order"

  1. special day in honor of anyone everyone who tries to fight the g-damned entrenched system. It's the system, but ppl make the system.
  2. not these monks style (male) clothes.
  3. in solidarity with Tamils) bc in Burma can only be sayalay "Little Guru", not full ordtn. She was also arrested. In Burma nuns wear pink,
  4. My painting oil on canvas Bikkhuni, based on Daw Thisawadee "Truth River" who had to be ordained in Ceylon (yes, I know new name, not using
  5. RESIST exhibition jurors told me none of my 5 entries were selected, so you can look at them HERE.
  6. My painting, Min Gun, Revolutionary
  7. Hamburg & all DISSENT our rightful revenge don't let anyone steam roller you My painting Warning
  8. & OTHERS now 000s died @ hands Burmese junta. Various causes, including criminal neglect, f-ed up economy, prison.
  9. blew up students' union Survivr ChaoTzang Yawngwe survivd joined oppstn in jungle then Canada then dissidence overseas. RIP Eugene
  10. almost forgot today is 7th July 7-7-1962 Burmese dictator Ne Win shot student civilian demonstrators for 1st time with live ammo
  11. Of course ppl may be following DT bc it is their job, reporters, or to know what he is up to. That's OK.
  12. in other words a BULLY but a dangerous one
  13. PPL shld not think too much of DT He goes for soft targets women Mika Megyn Middle East grandmas CNN, media-ppl he thinks won't strike back
  14. Imprecise quote or paraphrase from Robert Bolt: A Man for All Seasons-- because if there were no Law, the winds would blow too hard.
  15. I will not give you the satisfaction of increasing the # of yr followers by even one. Me.
  16. Hey, sweet revenge-- I followed many of the nation's top law schools did not follow Bellyache and Drum--
  17. Remember when--Mao called US a paper tiger??
  18. Chinese leaders know that they do not need war… to surpass the US. - on

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