Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Burma - current trend of shoot the messenger (Time Magazine)

Current trend - shoot the messenger (Time Magazine) will do no good, as it deflects attention from the real situation and wastes energy that would be better deployed condemning and exposing the racist actions -

Dr. Maung Zarni always says Burmese have an inherent racist streak, and I found it very disturbing to hear some of my close friends and colleagues come up with the junta's line "They came in from Bangladesh and they breed too much."

What about Ne Win's policies 1962-1988 of no birth control so there would be a lot of Burmans to counter the Chinese population -

a lot of women in Burma of all ethnicities have died due to back alley abortions.

My friends and I are looking at the issues closely, but I don't have permission to say more, and so will not.

For the moment as thinking people all born with a brain you should all use your head and not swallow the junta bait of a visa to Burma and their propaganda hook line and sinker -

for you all know what happens to gullible and panicky fish - they get netted and processed into smelly ngapi and ngan pya ye --