Monday, April 07, 2014

Who is white washing the oppression of The Rohingya-- part 1

Who is white washing the oppression of the Rohingya--(You Tube via Dr. Maung Zarni)

Part 1.

Greg Constantine's photos were also shown at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC. but I could not make it.

Man in photo is Jacques Leider, notorious Rakhine/regime apologist, very anti-Rohingya.

I did not watch his presentation, neither did I listen to it when I was sitting right next to him on the Columbia Univ panel in Sept 2012, because I literally got a stomach ache and had to hurry to the loo.

He wasn't among the names that I suggested Columbia U. invite, but they did, apparently for "balance."

500 people signed up for that session, and his speech was applauded, I don't know why;  I only came back into the auditorium when his talk was completely over.

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