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I have a slight connection once or twice removed with Arrow & Samuelson, besides having studied their work in grad school, in Rangoon, Burma, believe it or not.  But those were the good old days.

My mentor Dr Ronald Findlay was a student of Samuelson at MIT and also a student in math of A Beautiful Mind the late John Nash.

My mentor is only abt 7? years older than I, and was known as one of the youngest Ph.D.s, at least in Burma or from Burma--

but he suffered as he was of mixed race, and was passed over for a promotion, wh resulted in his emigration and Columbia Univ in NY's gain, and gain for what must be by now hundreds of students there. 

(That is only one of the reasons I am against the present bigot Am. presdt.)Another Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz is also at Columbia U and I am happy to say I helped bring him to DC and to go to Burma through Dr. Findlay and OSF (Open Society Foundation).

In 2012 I helped Columbia put together a panel on the Rohingya, a subset of Burmese Muslims, who are now much harassed and have been putting out to sea in leaky boats, some, fetching up in Bangladesh and Thailand and Malaysia.  Many drowning on the way, or in other hells in Thailand or Malaysia.

Though I was not the one who contacted another Nobel laureate, AK Sen, he was on the panel, and he was also born in Burma in Mandalay.  I gave the organizers the names of about 1/2 the panel, about 5-6 experts, including 3 or 4 who specialize only on Wn Burma.

My colleagues and I put this together about our wonderful mentors.


Pl buy it if you can.

It will show that for a small country, the size of Texas (in area) Mrs Norma Bixler wrote in the first CIA handbook on Burma, it has produced a disproportionate number of world class scholars who have been insufficiently recognized by the Burmese junta, whose members are said to have an average of 5th grade education.

And that might start me on Betsy Devos, so I will stop here.



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