Wednesday, February 15, 2017

what to do--

Be vigilent, follow the news.

Join join join, says Michael Moore (at the women's march in DC on Jan 21st, 1 day after trump inauguration.)

Go to the law courts while you can, before he sucks in the judicial branch too.

If you are a citizen of or in another country, say Mexico, apply pressure there

BUT BE SAFE, or as safe as you can.

Take only calculated risks and try not to endanger your own life.

I lived about 30 years --of which 20 were under a military dictatorship in Burma--and a command economy,

where there was even something called sauk myin kut te poke ma, "I can't stand your bloody face law."  -- not really a law but something written down--

not a law in the sense of being debated and voted on by people's representatives and then ratified.

Yet I survived somehow and managed to "vote with my feet" by leaving.

Now this has hit me in old age.

Nigerian-born Nobel laureate in literature Wole Soyinka told me, "Be wise."

at the same book signing at Politics and Prose in DC, where I stood against a bookshelf to abt 2 hours to get to see him, a Nigerian punk from VOA tried to run circles round him, and failed.

Read Death and the King's Horseman.

BE wise.

This is my Valentine's Day message to you.

Roses at Boone Plantation, which used to be a slave plantation.  Photo also by KMK.


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