Tuesday, February 21, 2017

well, so far so good--they say "go back to paper" and I did, but so much is electronic these days--

not to mention poor quality cheap goods made in China and imported.

I had to return an iron, a rice cooker and a bathroom scale.

But the more expensive Japanese made rice cookers are still working,

as is the $10 US made?  slowcooker, whose bottom gets very hot, but I always use it with the trivet from the stove top.

These items have been with me for 2 -25 years.

Ah well, on the whole I hate machines, but here one would not cook with wood or charcoal.

I guess one should be thankful.

And one does not have to breed and feed and slaughter and butcher one's own pig, which another friend said she had to do, in an apartment back home!

She said her friend fed the pig so well on leftovers, no one even knew she was raising a pig in the bathroom.

She also said her mother in law raised dogs to eat under the house.

Ah well, they are Karen, and used to hunting and farming.



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