Friday, February 10, 2017

Quote of the day--of immigration, from dire wolf wiki

The three noted paleontologists Xiaoming Wang, Richard H. Tedford and R. M. Nowak proposed that C. dirus evolved from the large wolf Canis armbrusteri[21]:181[20]:p52 (Armbruster's wolf),[22] with Nowak stating that there were specimens from Cumberland Cave, Maryland that indicate C. armbrusteri diverging into C. dirus.[23][24]:p243 The early wolf from China, Canis chihliensis, may have been the ancestor of both C. armbrusteri and the gray wolf C. lupus.[21]:146 The sudden appearance of C. armbrusteri in North America during the Early Pleistocene suggests that this was an immigrant from Asia, 

Accessed 2-10-2017