Sunday, February 26, 2017

I noticed that

you all liked my "test" of Lewis Carroll's Twas Brillig.

In that vein of satire I composed just now,

Twas brillig
bigly (Big League)


nominee withdrew

"Over-rated Meryl Streep" nominated for 20th Oscar in career spanning 50 movies.

"will tweet in all caps during his 5 AM bowel movements."

due to d t, I now know,

Trevor Noah
his book
his (literary agent)

poor Kim Jong-Un
lived a lonely life
he hoped to be made
head of an exile government.

he died a painful death in
20 minutes.

One of the women who smeared the nerve poison on his
was told it was a joke
and thought it was baby lotion.

No word yet on whether the women who carried out
the political assassination
were also contaminated
Malaysian authorities have said
the airport has been swept and it is now

One Indian or Indian engineer
was shot in a bar in an apparent hate crime
and died.

It was like a Sikh in a turban being shot after 9/11
because someone thought he was Middle Eastern
ditto for victim in the Kansas bar.

"You can't make this stuff up."
At CPAC, they were waving Russian flags
with trump's name on it, a staffer came by and collected all the
little flags."

Sean Spicer has an aide with the last name Ditto.

I used to write poetry like this all the time

news items of rapes and other human rights abuses
in Burma  Rape as a Weapon of War--

now I have moved to the world

Melania will be the first lady? in the WH FLOTUS of POTUS

who is botoxed.  First botoxed forst lady to live part time
in the White House.

The plastic surgeon said, eye balling it or them,

that her breasts looked like ---cc
and were "very generous for such a slight

Ah well.

Give us this day our daily bread
and free us soon from this Potus as well as high-maintenance

Anyone notice
she never wears florals or prints like Michell O.

It is always solid colors and mostly white.

Copyright K M Kaung

 Image from Internet.

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