Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Luke Harding writing in Putin's Russia said his home was invaded by FSB agents, who left purposely obvious "fingerprints" as warnings, such as leaving the double locked windows near his son's bed purposely propped open.

Harding said it got so bad that sometimes when he was typing up his book, the line would disappear from L to R, as he typed.

He said, finally he left a note to the effect--I don't care of you read my ms, as you are reading it anyway, but pl let me finish writing.

It sounds like something out of Girl with Scorpion Tattoo, but it is all true.

My friend/a friend just said her computer was hacked when she was in Burma, so I hope a bug has not got in through her email to me.

It is very aggravating.

I took down my Facebook due to cloning, and I know that Twitter etc can also be cloned and lots of Yahoo emails have been hacked.