Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Tweets 4th of July--CNN etc ratings UP --DJT WRONG

  1. DJT KC SHS mastrs of alt fact stands to reason as thr antics rmp up to distract fr Russ. probe CNN everyone's ratings go UP ELEMENTARY
  2. Today July 4th Value American Democracy & work to protect it & your own rights. RESIST RE EVALUATE RE ORGANIZE don't let the goons get you
  3. North Korea appeared to use China truck in its first claimed ICBM test via
  4. Replying to
    CNN just posted it's most-watched second quarter in history. Those are the facts.
  5. Federal court blocks Trump EPA on air pollution
  6. An unapologetic Chris Christie announces deal to end N.J. shutdown
  7. Dead on the Fourth of July. When three presidents died on the holiday, Americans saw the work of God
  8. Seattle man fatally shoots wife during argument in Uber car
  9. Uber Is Dealt a Fresh Blow in European Legal Case
  10. Austrln Class-Actn Cse Opens Ovr Pelvic Mesh Implants | Business News | US News DON T GET THSE NOR BREAST IMPLANTS
  11. Health vlogger eats poisonous plant on livestream, you’ll totally believe what happens next IT's NOT ALOE VERA!!
  12. The Lost Generation: The End of the Russian Aristocracy

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