Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Disgusting--Just posted on comments section of New Mandala--Burma studies site--

Looking at this again, when Zarni and some few are defending Rohingya, while there is state-sponsored genocide in Burma. Almost all the people I worked with prior to 2010 went to Burma Burma Burma and advised Thein Sein. I can count on fingers of one hand those with integrity left outside to blow in wind. My father called the ass lickers "goats' balls." I more or less share Zarni's opinion that Burma Studies is a dead field. Mostly composed of art historians and junta apologists. Now the act of pretending things have changed in Burma has back-fired, and who fouled the nest, again the JUNTA JUNTA JUNTA. But people too busy blaming a woman, Aung San Suu Kyi. You people are not worth shit, and history will show why. Or just go to the Naaf River and see for yourself, or the Burma-China Border. Academic and "diplomatic" hemming and hawing is no use. And if you say "junta basher" one more time, I will ostracize you for good. Ever thought of looking for the true facts instead of doing cover up. Scholarship or journalism or writing or broadcasting is not a make up and window dressing job. The governments and NGOs who changed their name in 2010 from Friends of Burma to Friends of Mee Ahn Mar are also at fault. I pray I may never see any or you again. How many thought to go to Naaf River and take a personal look. How many donated even $5 for refugees? Disgusting. Kyi May Kaung (Ph.D.)