Saturday, September 16, 2017

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has obtained a search warrant for Facebook to examine "inauthentic accounts" linked to Russian Trump campaign ads Almost everyone in the DT HW has lawyered up, including lawyers like McGahn. Yesterday, VP Pence, who has lied a lot, lost his press secretary. See The Rachel Maddow Show 9-14-2017 for score card of those fired, she says names she has up are only in WH, and don't even include Sally Yates, and James Comey, or Preet Bharara and the DAs who resigned. It looks like Muellers' team, who just also hired another high powered investigator, is getting closer and closer, and T. is running scared. Kushner testified not under oath in closed hearing for 5 hours. T. is trying to sugar up Dems. As we all know, he does not blow kisses, unless he is seriously scared, as he did when he was scared of Comey and abt to fire him. I think his comeuppance DT's, is due now. But in meantime ESPN sportscaster has been fired for calling him a white supremacist. kmk 9-16-2017