Thursday, October 30, 2014

Just one more, just one more--

"Just One more, all it takes is just one more."
Just one more to make 1110 FaceBook friends--
In my novel Wolf by KMKaung
Daw Suu in a fictionalized scene, holds up a finger to ask someone to second her proposal (for a student leader) "Just one more" in 1988 on balcony of Rangoon City Hall.
And someone comes out to second her proposal "in a world of stoolies." (My words).
This scene was told to me by Moethee Zun.
Of course in a novel all scenes and dialog are made up or re-created.
I know a woman, beautiful, smart, well placed, rich, well educated in W., savvy abt Burma who used to write a lot in Asia Week about Burma.
But she gave up in a very few years.
I heard then she imported jeans to Burma.
I asked her about this--the giving up, not the imported jeans.
She said, "What difference will it make, just one person writing?"
Well, it was her decision, but I think if we all thought that way, where would be that much vaunted change??
In her defense, there is one very well known democracy advocate in her family.
Think how it would be if reporters thought they could make no difference?
This recent murder of Ko Par Gyi is terrible.
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and a pox on the landowner "economist" who made fun of my blog.
History will show who got it right.

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