Monday, October 13, 2014

The Elongated Ear of the Buddha--Poem by Kyi May Kaung


Elongated Ear of the Buddha by Kyi May Kaung.
(Composite or fictional characters)

Elongated ear of the Buddha/all hearing and omnipotent
but it isn't really that kind of religion.

I don't teach Economics now
just the Dharma
that's good.

After all a hobby farm
how much can we earn
selling farm produce

What's that?


Maybe scale down I do not know

Small hot house things more specialized and expensive and more difficult to grow labor intensive

"Oh Mother, don't buy anything,
don't go crazy in there--
after all, you can't really dig."

Dig it?

The former diplomat is still saying
he/she coined the term Saffron Revolution, in 2007.

Hard to think it is so relatively recent.

The monks walking the rain chanting the Metta Sutra

Japanese journalist Kenji Nagaii dying on the street shot point blank--

While I was in Philadelphia 20 years ago, writing Black Rice when I thought it was part of Once, then called
I Weep for You my Native Land
my classmates debated
the exact meaning of the term Point Blank--Kenji his death, no fuss made why Japanese gov took lying down

poor Kenji his chest cut open
poor autopsy technique
all swollen
not slim as in death

seen 2 like that
crudely stitched together

Other man killed by steel catapult balls--

his head shaved most likely in death--
as crudely stitched together

autopsy is not brain surgery

JFK's brain allegedly disappeared
in Bethesda, MD.

This is called Abuse of Corpse--actor FFS Free Funeral Society banned from acting since 07 went to see Arlington National Cemetery

My character Fleur washing and washing her hands
making only the female corpses beautiful
hot water bottles bringing back the bloom to their

Oh Ma Ma Elder Sister--I was so lucky
as soon as I left Mummy said
they came for me
10 cars and 3 tanks
in the yat kwet looking
for Daw Zin Zar Maung (made up name)

--Oh Ma Ma ma ma--
think about it, board meeting in Bali
if they came for me with 40 soldiers
JUST one beer magnate

how many would they come.

To arrest some one like him?

And then in Singapore
you know they sent a letter bomb?

What did you do?

The head of Singapore Intelligence at our board meeting regular nice guy looking  saying he's a poet like me

and he saw me in the swimming pool.

Not sitting in the back
I don't like to squish the ladies

I called Security, and they said fill the sink and soak the suspected letter bomb in water so I did

Beer Magnate beer magnate not so hunky dory lost my play ms Shaman/only posted to her as she said she would produce a play
never sent it back in SASE.

I hate people who are cavalier with other people's

Threw her used tissues after blowing her nose
right in the Ubud farmers' irrigation canal.

I observed, in 3 days, the water flowed 2 ways.

Copyright KMKaung

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