Friday, October 10, 2014

Upcoming book--Looking Askance--

Tra la--teaser for our upcoming--Looking Askance:  Memorial Essays, Institute of Economics, Rangoon.

excerpt from Thynn Thynn Wynn--

The classes I was in with Rector U Aye Hlaing were so frightening. 
It was not just I.  
Everyone was scared of Saya.
One day he brought a bundle of books but not a bundle of joys for us with his office assistant Ko Kyaw Sein, carrying another bundle walking in behind him. 
Once he sat down in his chair he started to throw books one after another to each of us randomly and said that he will ask questions next week on what we have read.

The day arrived.
I tried to hide myself behind my classmate sitting next to me.
She is fat so I thought I would be all right to avoid seeing Saya U Aye Hlaing, but I was called out to give my review.
It went tumbling over.
After the class my friends said if you look straight into him he will not ask you, but when he saw you hide like that it made him ask you - no doubt.
Never try to hide next time.
So that was the lesson for me.

by Thynn Thynn Wynn.


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