Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Went to book reading/signing by Walter Isaacson--

I went to a book signing and reading by Walter Isaacson which turned out very good.http://authors.simonandschuster.com/Walter-Isaacson/697650
As usual I was one of only about 3 Asians attending, and I had to wait till last to ask my question, but I did like his presentation on his new book The Innovators and I did like his responses to my Qs.


But even though he said citizen journalism, FB etc and Amazon self publishing and "the monopoly of the mainstream being broken" is a good thing perhaps, his book is still published by Simon and Schuster.

So many people buying the book, The Center was jammed.

Among other things he mentioned Lord Byron's daughter who combined poetry, math and first computer science, ENIAC first computer developed at my school Univ of Penn., John von Neuman, Google and other things.

It was good to get a painless recap of a revolution I have lived through and how it happened, and to get the history of the digital revolution all pulled together like that.

In response to the first Q, he also went into "What's so special about Middle America."