Saturday, October 04, 2014

reasons why I did not go to med school in Burma--

The reason why I did not go to med school.

I did not like the god attitude of those who did.

My father thought the work too hard.

I did not like the stories I heard about the night duty.

I mean the stories were only good to write short stories about.

I did not like Burmese hospitals and the dictator attitude of the small fry, shouting at the patients who were very sick.

I did not like the rich gynecologist who did not show up for any of the births

did not even know if some clients had already had the baby, but took the gifts anyway.

One journalist whom I did not know, shouted so loud when his daughter told him this.

"What the fuck?  What does she know then."

Later this same doc Dr ETP
left a pair of scissors
or sewed my friend up wrong, and my friend died.  The parents said they would not sue as such good Buddhists.

I felt such an incompetent should be sued right out of town.

I did not like the big pudding made from UNICEF milk that the staff was going to eat--I saw it at the back while I was looking after my sis who had an asthma attack.

I did not like the stories abt NW and Kitty that my mother brought back from the hospital.

I did not like the single glove used for every patient.

I did not like all the orderly gatekeepers or gatekeeper orderlies, all well dressed in white on grease money.

I did not like the string of used sanitary towels that I saw hanging out a window when I looked back from my car.

I did not even mention it to the male RIT man who was accompanying me on all the tests as he too had been selected for a foreign scholarship.

I did not like the personal remark one thamar taw gyee great big specialist said after the interview--

"Well, do you trust your husband leaving him alone so many years?"

(actually, he did not know that I knew all abt his flightly wife's marital indiscretions, all from the horse's mouth and wld hear more once in USA)

and I did not like the pretty girl who tried to flirt with the other man from Statistics

"I hear you have genital warts."

These people are just asking to show up in one of my novels, and they will soon if thy have not already.


Makes me want to vomit.


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